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$18.00 Each


​A magic mix made of chrysanthemum mines to crackling flowers, green tails to spinner with crackling, then more crackling flowers. 21 SHOTS

$18.00 Each
30 Shot - Twenty four alternating shots of green glitter to purple stars, red, white and blue glittering stars, red and green bouquets with crackling.  Ends with a ten shot finale.

$18.00 Each Piece
Four premium assorted cakes make this set a must have.  Regal - Whistling tails to palms, alternating glitter and whistles.  Imperial - Glittering tails with bouquets, whistling tails, blue stars and crackling.  Sovereign - Tails to red, green and blue stars with crackling and crackling tail to stars.  Majestic - Red, green and silver glittering tails with crackling and green glittering willows.

$18.00 Each


Red and green crackling flowers, whistles, purple tails to pink pearls with silver glitter, and lemon palms with red glitter. Ends with a four-shot finale of garnet and blue dahlias. 15 SHOTS

$18.00 Each
30 Shot - Alternating rows of silver tails to silver glitter, green tails to green glitter, and gold tails to brocade.  Ends with a ten shot finale of gold tails to brocade.

350 gram aerial repeaters

$18.00 Each Piece


These 4 assorted cakes will be the stars of your fireworks display. SLAM DUNK - Red, yellow, green and white tails to palm and crackling. Duration: 35 secs. HAT TRICK - Green and silver glittering tails to green palm & res stars with glitter, gold stars with crackling flower. Duration: 35 secs. GRAND SLAM - Red, green, and blue tails to gold willow with colorful stars. Duration: 35 secs. TOUCH DOWN - Crackling mines to white glitter, colorful palms and more. Duration: 40 secs. 4 pieces per pack, 2 packs per case.

$18.00 Each
30 Shot - Alternating red crackling stars, green bouquets and blue bouquets.  Ends with a 5 shot finale.

$22.00 Each


​Call on the Starkeeper – Out come the stars - brocade with red, green, gold, and silver glitter and blue pearls. Ends with a four-shot finale of pink palms with crackling. 14 SHOTS


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by appointment 24 hours a day